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Before You Locate Your Business…

A recent Reuters Article, entitled “Top Reasons to Consult an Attorney About Business Location,” described the top 8 reasons to consult an attorney before deciding on a location for your business.  The full Reuters Article can be viewed here:

The article identified the following reasons to have your attorney review your lease or contract before signing:

  1. To Review a Lease
  2. To Review a Purchase Agreement
  3. To Draft Critical Lease Clauses
  4. To Help You Decide Whether to Lease or Purchase
  5. To Negotiate a Lease
  6. To Research Zoning Laws
  7. To Review a Real Estate Agent’s Contract
  8. To Ensure Compliance with the ADA

In addition to the eight reasons discussed, two more reasons can be added:

Ninth Reason:  To Determine Your Liability From Any Existing or Potential Environmental Issues. 

Are you locating in an industrial setting?  Does your business handle hazardous waste? Are you locating in a commercial strip mall? Is the property currently under a Consent Order with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to clean up existing contamination? The affect of these issues depends on your specific case, your type of business, and whether you have chosen to lease or buy.

Tenth Reason:  To Ensure Clear Title.

Are there any restrictive covenants on the property that might prohibit your type of business? Does the restrictive covenant prohibit a certain land use?  Does it require that the property be used for only certain businesses?

An attorney familiar with these areas of law can further assist you.

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